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HDMI Female (Type-A) to Micro HDMI Male (Type-D) Converter

HDMI Female (Type-A) to Micro HDMI Male (Type-D) Converter

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Micro HDMI Adapter, HDMI Female (Type-A) to Micro HDMI Male (Type-D) Converter, Type D Male to Type A Female Connector Adapter

  • Micro HDMI Adapter - HDMI Female (Type-A) to Micro HDMI Male (Type-D) Gold Plated Connector Converter Adapter

  • High Resolutions: Supports up to 1080P Full HD resolution, transmits both audio and video from tablet to HD display

  • Gold plated connectors for better conductivity and corrosion resistant.

  • Compatibility: Fully compliant with the latest generation of high definition laptop, camcorder, camera, or tablet with Micro-HDMI port. Support all current High Speed HDMI features including 4k x 2k resolutions, 3D support, audio return channel, Ethernet support

  • Please Note: Micro-HDMI (D Type) to HDMI adapter cable, please make sure that your hosts has a Micro-HDMI port before you purchase.

  • Dimensions:Â 28.64x10.66, (Micro end) 11.26x8.16mm W x D