for Raspberry Pi 5inch DSI Display 800×480 IPS Touchscreen

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⚡️【 IPS ULTRA-HD IMAGE CLARITY 】Ultra-HD 800x480 high resolution IPS touchscreen display, excellent color reproduction and uniformity, the display area can reach 108 x 64.8mm. IPS 178° full wider viewing angle suitable for sharing video with multiple people.
⚡️【 DSI DIRECT DRIVE, PLUG & PLAY 】 Using DSI connection, DSI transmits data and power supply. The unique hole design on the back allows you to install the Raspberry-Pi directly. Adopting Raspberry-Pi power supply design, no external power supply is needed.
⚡️【 WIDELY COMPATIBLE, DRIVE-FREE 】 Supports Raspberry Pi 4/3/2 model B B+ A A+, drive-free. Compatible with Raspbain, Ubuntu MATE, Kali, RetroPie, OpenElec, OSMC, Ubuntu, Kodi, Arch Windows 10 IOT Core system and so on.
⚡️【 ACCURATE MULTI-TOUCH, EXCELLENT RESPONSE 】- Excellent touch sensitivity, 3-5ms faster response time. MultiTouch delivers a EXCELLENT touch experience with pin-point accuracy, which supports up to 5 points touch. Multi-user technology, making it easy for multiple users to collaborate and interact at the same time.

TeNizo 5Inch DSI 800x480 Capacitive Touch Screen TFT IPS LCD Display

Capacitive touch screen, support 5-point touch
Raspberry Pi DSI Direct Drive

Working voltage: 3.3V (provided by Raspberry Pi display interface)
Maximum working current: 320mA
Screen current: 100mA
Screen resolution: 800*480
Video interface: Raspberry Pi DSI
Touch points: 5 points
Viewing angle: 60°/70°/70°/70°
RGB888-16 trillion true color
Refresh rate: 60Hz
Luminous rate: 280 cd/m2
Working temperature: -20℃-70℃
Dimensions: 121mm x 76mm
Mounting hole size: M2.5
Outer mounting hole position: 113mm x 68mm
Inner mounting hole position: 58mm x 49mm

What's in the box?
1 x IPS 5 inches DSI touchscreen
1 x 10cm in length DSI FFC FPC Ribbon 15 pin Cord
1 x Philips screw driver